Hello. I wanted to share about Pete. Had a stroke November 10, 2018. We spent some time in SKY, Nashville TN. He had a craniectomy and trach. He moved to medical center in Bowling Green, KY. He got rid of the trach but still needed a lot of help.  Pathways evaluated and accepted him. Thank you so much! We would never be where we are today without Pathways. Pete is not just walking but driving! Maybe it’s only a golf cart but how far has he come. Thank y’all so much!

Anthony admitted to the Louisville East Post Acute Pathways Traumatic Brain injury program after sustaining a subdural hematoma following a car accident.  Anthony also suffered with aphasia and right side weakness from the hematoma.  Anthony’s prior level of function was independent with ADLs, home/leisure and community management and functional mobility.  When he arrived at Louisville East Post Acute he required total to maximum assistance with ADLs and mobility. Anthony participated in Physical Therapy.  At evaluation he was unable to perform sit to stand or walk due to spasticity and limited movement in bilateral lower extremities.  He scored a 7 on the Physical Mobility Scale indicating a severe limitation of movement. At discharge, Anthony made tremendous gains in his mobility.  He was Independent with walking at times uses a single tip cane.  His score on the Physical Mobility Scale increased to a 41 indicating a low falls risk and mild mobility impairments. Anthony’s Occupational Therapy program was very successful! At evaluation he was dependent with toileting and maximum assist with lower body ADLs.  He scored a 19 on the Modified Barthel Index Scale indicating he required total to maximum assistants with all of his ADLs due to a decrease in cognition and in movement.  At discharge, he improved that score to 94 indicating mostly modified independence with ADLs . Speech Therapy was also a part of Anthony’s program on Pathways.  Anthony at evaluation had great difficulties with recall and problem solving.  He scored a 17 on  the SLUMS cognitive assessment indicating he had moderate cognitive deficits.  At discharge he improved the score to 30 which indicates cognition within a functional level for ADLs and community/Leisure activities. Anthony worked very hard and diligently to work toward independence with ADLs and with the care and encouragement of our PT, OT, ST and recreational therapist he was able to reach his goals.

Congratulations Anthony!

The Traumatic Brain Injury Unit aka Pathways is what brought Robbie to the point he’s at today. He has improved in leaps and bounds and we can all rest assured that he is getting the BEST possible rehabilitation. There are a lot of younger folks on the Pathways Unit and these people are doing hard work. We are forever grateful – Mary Tyer

Congratulations Pam Pearson for over 30 years of service! In 1994, Pam opened the Pathways Unit at Christopher East Nursing Facility (now Louisville East Post-Acute).